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Setting Up The Hardware

1. To begin, locate the millivolt connection that triggers the opening and closing of your gas valve.  The millivolt trigger will be located somewhere near the point where the gas line connects to your heating unit.


2. Disconnect the existing millivolt cables from the trigger and move them to the side.  You are going to reattach these in a moment, so keep them nearby. 

3. Connect the included piggyback millivolt connector where you just removed the old cables from. It typically does not matter which connector goes on which slot, so just do what is easiest for you. 

4. Take the old wires you just removed and slide them onto the male connection of the piggyback connector.  As with the piggyback connector, it does not matter which one you connect to, so just attach them at either location.


5. Connect the main device main device to the other end of the piggyback millivolt cables you just installed.  Plug the male green millivolt connector into the green port on the main device.


6. Connect the micro-USB cable to the port on the main device and plug it into your nearest wall outlet.


7. Tuck the main device somewhere behind the protective enclosure of your unit and reclose it.


8. Insert two AA batteries into the thermostat.  It is the second piece of hardware with no visible connection ports.


9. Place the thermostat somewhere in the room with your gas unit.  For best results, keep it within 10 feet of your gas unit.  Also, keep it in the open as much as possible to allow for the most accurate temperature readings.


10. Download the app from the Google Play Store (called “nFuego) or the Apple App Store (called “nFuego Heater).


11. Once the app is open, select “Find Device”.  You will see two options. “nFuego” and “nFuego Temp”.  Select “nFuego”.


12. Once the app has detected the “nFuego” device, open the app setting page located in the bottom right corner of the app.  Tap the “Add Thermostat” button and select “nFuego Temp” from the menu.

Your feedback and opinions are welcomed as we work through the beta testing process.  Please take a moment and email us your thoughts at or visit

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