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1. To begin, locate the millivolt connection that triggers the opening and closing of your gas valve.  The millivolt trigger will be located somewhere near the point where the gas line connects to your heating unit

2. Disconnect the existing millivolt cables from the trigger and move them to the side.  You’re going to reattach these in a moment, so keep them nearby. 

3. Connect the included piggyback millivolt connector where you just removed the old cables from. It typically doesn’t matter which connector goes on which slot, so just do what is easiest for you. 

4. Take the old wires you just removed and slide them onto the male connection of the piggyback connector.  As with the piggyback connector, it doesn’t matter which one you connect to, so just attach them at either location.

5. Connect the main device to the other end of the piggyback millivolt cables you just installed.  Plug the male green millivolt connector into the green port on the main device.

6. Connect the micro USB cable to the port on the main device and plug it into your nearest wall outlet. 


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